East Auckland garden waste collection services

Keep your garden in perfect condition by recycling your garden waste

What we do

Garden waste collection 

Looking for a way to keep your garden and lawn in great condition, but don't have anywhere to dispose of your cuttings and trimmings? Get a Green Bin! Always right where you need it and collected regularly, you can select from a 240 litre wheelie bin or a 600 litre framed bag on subscription, or a one-off bag drop off and collection.

We collect your bin every four weeks, so you always have somewhere to put your lawn trimmings and other garden waste.

Garden Waste Collection

why we do it

Good for you - and the environment!

After years running a gardening / lawnmowing service, noticing how time poor home gardeners are and how almost every home garden has a compost corner where all the green waste gets dumped, and forgotten, we thought there has to be a better way.

Green bin was born from a desire to offer a solution to your green waste problem, providing a reliable cost effective collection service, transporting your green waste to the transfer station where living earth convert it into nutrient rich compost and garden products.

Garden Waste Collection

how it works

Our process

Getting your new bin dropped off and regularly emptied is a simple, no-hassle process for you. Once you have signed up for a bin, we drop it off at your property within 48 hours.

Every four weeks, we will come back to your property, empty your bin from the roadside and return it to the front of your property, ready to refilled.

Garden Waste Collection